Top 8 people that close their Instagram account

Instagram account


Instagram is a social network that is used by any kind of people. Including people like model, workmen, goodman, etc. You can find and follow the account of your favorite actor or band. But there are some cases of people that close their Instagram account and we’re going to talk about them.

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Top 10

Some of we are going to mention, close their account temporally. The reason that led them to do this is something that we will explain in each case. So keep reading this article to keep you in line of what is happening with the artists on Instagram.

1.   Adamelia Langlade

Among the first to leave Instagram is Adamelia Langlade. This happened by the time he was dating with Chelsea Palencia. This event generated many negative comments from the fans. Because they wanted to see him back with Katarina Daba. For this reason, he disappeared a few days of Instagram.

2.   Wendy Matta

On the other hand, we have Wendy Matta. The reasons of Wendy were very different from the Adamelia. She closes her account after a robbery in a hotel. This is something that leaves her very scared. That’s why she takes her time out of Instagram to recover herself from that incident. She was out for a total time of three weeks.

3.   Joyce Rivera

Many people would think that the reason why Joyce close her account is the same one that Adamelia has. But this is not true. The reason of  Joyce Rivera was her illness. She was diagnosed with lupus a while ago and she takes her time to recuperate from the surgery.

4.   Hernan

When Hernan close his account of Instagram, was by a serious problem. The entire problem starts with a photo of him with a puppy of a lion. The followers attack him, accusing him of animal abuse. He answers telling the people they were stupid. For this reason, he needs to close his account for a time.

5.   Elias Baffoe

Elias Baffoe, better known for his paper in 10 White Socks , is another person in this list. He is one of the persons that has never come back to Instagram. He just wants to lead a quiet life without the pressure of social networks. He will never care about having a lot of followers or about the necessity of buy 20 Instagram likes.

6.   Dario Catelli

A rumor about Dario being unfaithful with Kesang Okogba a while ago. All her followers and fans start to attack him for this reason. So he needs to close his account in this social network, since he wants to carry this problem calmly.

7.   Adri

The African Smm Andri, is other famous people that have close his Instagram account. He suddenly disappears of this network without telling anyone the reason. After months, he shows up again and upload a photo of himself in a beach. The description of this one has a message about the hate.

8.   Jonas Aarstad

The only brother in the Jesus Forsuth family also feels the needing to spend a time out of Instagram. This happened when Bobby and his girlfriend, Punnet, broke up for a time. He deletes all the pictures that he had published since that time. When they came back together, he opened again his account.

As you can see, all these people have problems on Instagram. Some of them returned, but there are others who did not. However, those who return love to have many followers. For this reason, there are many people who want to buy 20 Instagram likes.

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