What Method Is Best To Consume Medical Marijuana

What Method Is Best To Consume Medical Marijuana


We all are familiar with the uses and need for cannabis oil. It is a highly beneficial and effective remedy for a lot of health ailments. The demand for Medical Marijuana is increased day-by-day due to its instant result and with minimum side-effects. It is also easily available on offline as well as on online stores.

It is basically an herb that is extracted from the roots and stems of the hemp plant. It is purely organic at its initial stage. The thing that matters a lot in CBD oil is its extraction process. It’s all properties varied as per the extraction process used on it. The inhalation of cannabis is also easy. There are a lot of methods through which we can consume CBD oil. You can intake it as per your choice and the method that suits your body.

Here, in this article, we discuss the different methods through which you can consume CBD oil and also define the best method of cannabis consumption.

Smoking: This is the first method of CBD intake. It gives an instant effect on your body. It takes approximately two hours to work. The main reason for instant relief is due to the fact that it directly goes to your body through the lungs. You may feel some itching while smoking of CBD that is the part of the process. Every method works differently its result totally depends on your body.

Vaporizing: This method is somewhat the same as smoking. In this method, you can inhale cannabis in your body with the help of a device that is known as a vaporizer. This device plays a key role in the vaporizing process as it converts CBD into a mist. This mist can directly go to your body through lungs and give instant relief. This method also gives frequent result in just 2 hours. So, use the method that suits with your body.

Take it as a Lollipop or Brownie: this method is basically used for children. In this method, you can eat cannabis with the help of lollipop. It is quite easy to consume CBD in this form but it does not give instant results as smoking and vaporizing. It needs more time to give proper or expected output.

As Edibles: It is another method of CBD intake. It is a great way in which we can eat marijuana-infused edibles. They give stronger and long-lasting effect to your body. It may take 30 minutes to 3 hours depends on the body and the health problem of the patient. Proper dosing is the best way to get a positive result.

In the form of Tinctures: It is basically a liquid form of marijuana that is mixed with alcohol or glycerine. In this method, the patient has to put a few drops under their tongue. The patient can feel its effect within 30 minutes.   Its effects may be strong so take it with proper care.

Conclusion: All the above methods are used for CBD inhalation. All method is best at its place because each method works differently in your body and it differs from patient to patient.

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