A nice kitchen to receive

A nice kitchen to receive


With a new distribution of space and a contemporary approach to the house, the kitchen stands out as another piece to live . A place where we like to prepare good meals with family and friends, share, discuss, have coffee, have lunch on the go, enjoy breakfast and even receive! If it is then necessary to have a little space, some precious tricks divert the problem in order to arrange a warm and convivial kitchen . Enveloping colors, soft materials, an island or a round table, each one imagines a room according to the desired personality and style. Follow 15 examples of inspired cuisines where it’s delicious to share a well-surrounded meal.

When the kitchen becomes a dining room , we put on a generous table, materials and style worked. If some people like the laboratory kitchen more, we tend to prefer a warm decoration . The color invites itself in the kitchen to receive! On the furniture side, the furniture is well placed for optimal circulation . In the triangle of activity, the comings and goings are numerous. The table and the chairs do not settle in the middle! Another aspect, odors must be mitigated by an efficient hood or a powerful ventilation . A detail that is not one, the storageand the organization are thought to limit the disorder on the work plan and avoid a feeling of bazaar. Points to watch for a beautiful and pleasant kitchen .

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