Five Things Women Need to Know About Strip Clubs

Five Things Women Need to Know About Strip Clubs


The bachelor party is important to the best man, that and remembering to bring the rings to the ceremony. Bucks parties can be a nightmare to organise, especially for someone who does not have a large circle of friends. Whilst men worry about having an epic party, the bride to be is worried about strippers and what could happen. Grooms often feel like they have to male it an uneventful occasion. They may even lie about not going to a strip club and especially about getting a lap dance. That is because women have this s irrational fear that strip clubs are places to pick up exotic dancers for some sexual tryst. Strippers aren’t prostitutes. Don’t believe the hype.

Here are 5 things that women need to know about strip clubs:

1) Lap dances are harmless

Strip club performers are highly experience in the art of teasing. Lap dances are just an up close and personal routine meant to tease just like the dancing and taking clothes off on a stage. Lap dances can be frustrating because the guy aren’t allowed to touch, kiss or have a quickie with the stripper. Lap dances are nothing more than make-believe they aren’t an invitation for sex.

2) For Strippers, it’s just a job

Strippers aren’t looking for Mr. Right just a guy with a fat wallet. Women often assume that men go to strip clubs to fulfil their lust and strippers are only too happy to satisfy that list. The truth is, strippers are just acting. That is why most of them choose weird names like Candy or Sugar Pie because they want the keep their real life separate from their professional one.  While working the pole, or dancing seductively the point is not to seduce you husband or boyfriend, their aim is to keep men with wads of dollars interested.  Money is the only driving force.

3) It probably meant nothing

Men are simple creatures. Most men expect what most men would expect, popcorn at the movies beer at the football game, strippers at a bachelor party. Something’s are just that simple. You cannot expect men to act any differently even if you’ve had that discussion about strip clubs. Just because a man goes to a strip club means that he is thinking of cheating on you.

4) An exercise in trust

Women need to know that their man might not be part of the planning and maybe they should give them the benefit of the doubt. It was a bucks party, maybe it might have been the only time he has ever been to a strip club or maybe it would be his last. The point is, don’t make him feel like he has to lie. He is getting married to you, he is choosing you “forsaking all others”. A marriage should never start with a lie so, if he does end up in a strip club, knowingly or unknowingly don’t make him fee like he has to lie about it.

5) Put things in perspective

If he does lie, put it into perspective. It might not be a federal offence but if he can lie about it, what else would he lie about.  However, it’s the kind of lie a child would tell about doing their homework when he has been playing video games you told him not to play. You should be irritated but you need to let it go. Instead have a conversation about trust but be glad when he is upfront about it so you don’t get to hear it from one of his buddies later. Trust is a two way street, so you too should trust that hr wouldn’t have done anything inappropriate.

Strip clubs are fun and bucks parties can get wild. If he makes it to the church on time and swears his undying love in front of the priest and your family and friends. You should move on, put the strip club experience behind you and enjoy being married.

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