How to design an aesthetic and functional kitchen?

How to design an aesthetic and functional kitchen?


You dream of a practical and perfectly optimized kitchen,but do not want to ignore aesthetics. Why choose ? In terms of decoration or layout, many solutions make the kitchen more functional and pleasant everyday without ignoring the look of the room. Sliding storage, harmony of materials, built-in appliances, neat lighting … Zoom on 10 ways to design a practical and aesthetic kitchen .

Some furniture, amenities or decor ideas embellish the kitchen but make it much less convenient. On the contrary, to bet on the functional aspect of the piece without taking into account the aesthetic rendering can be an equally unfortunate mistake. For a successful kitchen, it is difficult to separate these two aspects, and it is not the professionals of the agency The Walls have Ears who will say the opposite. How to go about it ? Here are 5 expert tips from our experts .

1. Open your kitchen to the living room or dining room

If the closed kitchen has its strengths, including the maintenance of cooking odors away from other rooms, the open kitchen has the advantage of combining aesthetics and practicality . By dropping its walls and turning to the dining room or living room when possible, the open kitchen communicates directly with these rooms, which greatly facilitates the preparation of dishes in the presence of guests, for example. The space is breathable, the space is breathable , looks bigger, and brims with brightness and conviviality.

A kitchen with glass windows opened on the eat by the pro agency Les Murs have Ears.

A kitchen with glass windows opened on the eat by the pro agency Les Murs have Ears.

2. Respect the triangle of activity in the kitchen

“A kitchen could not pretend to be beautiful and practical without respecting the triangle of activity “, affirm in heart Valerie Laporte-Volatier, Brice Bourdon and Charlotte Soissons Lenormand of the agency the Walls have Ears. But quèsaco? The kitchens that respect this famous triangle of activity promote circulation between the poles of preparation and cooking, washing and storage . By taking into account this layout in your kitchen, you optimize your movements and facilitate the daily tasks performed in the room. Freed from possible obstacles and unnecessary space, the kitchen is visually unobstructed and more ergonomic.

3. Adapt the arrangement of furniture to the constraints and volumes of the room

For the professionals of the agency Les Murs have Ears, a beautiful and functional kitchen is primarily a kitchen designed in accordance with the specificities of the room in which it is established. Of furniture cumbersome in a narrow room, lost spaces, visible piping … It’s a safe bet that by ignoring the water inlets, depressions, the size of the space or height under the ceiling, the kitchen is not very practical, even disgraceful.

4. Avoid multiplying colors and materials in the kitchen

Wanting to personalize your kitchen is good, but doing it sparingly and in harmony is better! Our experts all agree that we must limit the materials and colors in the kitchen , at the risk of grazing the visual confusion and complicate the maintenance of the room. Indeed, each material requires a very particular maintenance, and some colors do not marry well with others or lead the decoration when they are too many. So restrict yourself to two or three variations , no more.

5. Opt for built-in appliances

When it’s time to redo its kitchen, it’s time to replace old and bulky household appliances with more modern products, in harmony with your new furniture.

“We love the appliances built , says Valerie Laporte-Volatier agency The Walls have Ears. It visually lightens the fronts of furniture and completely integrated into it.” The built-in appliances fit into the furniture and blend in with the décor, sometimes even taking on the appearance of kitchen elements. The Samsung brand offers for example a built-in oven Dual Cook Flex ™ whose elegant design and noble materials harmonize with all types of kitchens. Note: the Dual Cook Flex ™ oven is available in carbon color (darker stainless steel) for even more elegance.

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