Larry Moskowitz – Understanding the Difference Between Good and Bad Art

Understanding the Difference Between Good and Bad Art


When it comes to the creation of art, experts say that good and bad art cannot be clearly defined. Art is like beauty that lies in the eyes of the beholder. So, when it comes to criticizing art, it is a hard thing to do as different people have diverse perspectives and so what may be good to one person might be bad to another individual.

Larry Moskowitz – Defining art and its uniqueness

Larry Moskowitz is a talented artist, traveler, and photographer who has been inspired to pursue his creative skills by his mom and dad since a very young age. He also dabbles with papercraft projects and digital art. When it comes to the subject of art, he says that art is a relative concept and it fulfills the intent of its creator. Some popular pieces of art appeal to millions across the world, and again that same piece of art appears ugly to some. So, here in order to make a painting appealing, it depends upon how captivating the piece is to the audience. If the art is captivating to an onlooker, it is a good piece for art for him/her, and if it is not captivating to the individual, it turns out to be a bad piece of art for the individual.

Common features that are appealing to people

He says in museums and galleries; some paintings have stolen the hearts of many art lovers ever since they have been painted. If you closely examine these paintings, you will find they have many things in common like the presentation of the art and its framing, textures being very appealing, seamless movement or flow for guiding the audience through the artwork, correct proportions, etc. He says that when you visit a museum or a gallery to check out paintings, you do not have to carry a checklist of what makes a painting appealing. The moment you step into the gallery or the museum, you automatically will be drawn to the painting. A good painting has an enigmatic appeal, and it draws art lovers to it with success.

Good art versus bad art- does the painting appeal to you?

When you see a painting, you should ask yourself this question- do you like it? If the answer is yes, this means that the artwork is good and you have been attracted to it. If the answer is no, for some reason, you do not like it, so it does not qualify to be a good work of art according to you.

Larry Moskowitz says that like you every art lover will ask himself/herself this very question when it comes to judging a painting. So, here art again is a very relative aspect and cannot be generalized as good or bad. What appeals to you might not appeal to others. Therefore, when it comes to art and paintings, there is really no such thing as good and bad art- its appeal solely lies in the eyes of the beholder!

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