Everyone dreams of having their own vegetables for taste, for health, for the pleasure of gardening. And even with a balcony, this is possible!

What vegetable plant on a balcony?

A plant is a living being that has specific needs: a suitable substrate, sun and heat … more or less, water and food. With that, everything grows! Ok, you have to go a little bit more vegetable by vegetable but retaining that 95% of the plants are plants of sun, the exposure of your balcony is therefore decisive.

Side vegetables of the partial shade, count on the parsley, the chervil, the sorrel, the chives, the salads, the radishes and other white roots. For almost all others, a full sun exposure with warmth will be welcome.

Take care of potted plants on a balcony?

Potted plants are dependent on the gardener on eating and drinking. The substrate will be quickly emptied of its trace elements, because, and yes, the plant eats! You then have two possibilities, either to make a surfacing with a new compost, or to add adapted nutrients by means of specific fertilizers. On the watering side, if the water of the sky is lacking, here too, it is the gardener’s level of lack, let the soil dry between two inputs of water but empty the saucer of its stagnant water.

Combine vegetables for a good kitchen garden 

Even on the balcony, good marriages work. The tomato with basil that enhances the taste of fruits and the carnation of india that scares away aphids. The cabbage close to the mint deterrent cabbage cabbage, this devastating butterfly. Salad in the shade of fennels that repel slugs. Peppers with thyme that attracts pollinating insects. Eggplant with rosemary inviting bees. Strawberries and leeks get along very well. Carrots with onions repelling the carrot fly. Perry gets along very well with shallots. Beans with nasturtiums that attract aphids and when they are on nasturtiums, they do not take care of beans. The beans with dill dissuade the aphids. Zucchini with savory, this other honey plant.

One of the main principles of weddings in the garden is not to combine two vegetables from the same family in the same pot. And for good reason: the two will draw the same trace elements, which will trigger a rapid depletion of the substrate and a certain war between the two rivals … Because with us, as with plants, the plate must be sufficiently supplied!

With some good principles and a little follow-up, your vegetables will surely grow on the balcony. The dream what!   

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