PES 2020 – What is the best training?

PES 2020 - What is the best training


Are you running out of ideas for your training at PES 2020? Facing the challenges of the dominant multiplayer games?

Do you realize that the once effective training you used all this time doesn’t work anymore?

Do you need advice to create a final formation to master EVERY match with ANY team?

Choosing the right training will undoubtedly give you an advantage over your opponent. eFootball PES 2020 free offers players total freedom to customize our ideal training. This allows us to unleash our creativity and customize our tactics to our liking. Each of us has our own special training, which, in our opinion, is the most appropriate for our team and our style of play.

In addition to the research, I would like to share with you the final alignment, which, along with some selection tips and advice on the tactical plan of the game, allows any PES player to significantly improve their performance in the matches.

The most harmful layer for PES 2020 is 4-3-3.

  • 2 central backrests (CB)
  • 2 lateral attack sides (SB)
  • 3 midfielder centers (cm)
  • 2 ends (WF)
  • 1 target person (CF)

This training provides a very balanced attack and defense strategy but can find out here more.


  • Let’s see the defense. You have 4 defenders with 1 or 2 CM who will retire to protect your target. During the attack, you have 3 attackers, with 1 or 2 CM, to help you!
  • The transition from defense to attack is carried out by its two extremes.
  • You are strong, you move in the 3 directions. On the left flank you have LW, LB and at least 1 CM. Through the right, use RW, RB and 1 CM. In the center, your 3 CM and 1 CF offer you many options along with Attacking CB. You will have the same strength on any channel from which you decide to attack!

Player selection

  • Choosing the right player for each role maximizes the potential of your training and strengthens your team.
  • The best teams have small problems to fill each position in the 4-3-3 formation.

Here are some tips for weak teams.

  • Choose 2 of the fastest players as 2 wings. You just need them to run along the flank to deliver the crosses.
  • Choose at least 1 tall and strong player in your midfield and place it in the middle to act as a defense midfielder. It helps you win high balls and is strong enough to beat opponents by the ball.
  • Make sure that your 2 KB consist of 1 tall and strong player (the challenges are crossed) and 1 fast player (chase the opponents’ counterattacks).


  • The player’s status is indicated by his arrow when he presses R in the team selection menu, RED being the best.
  • I discovered that the average player in excellent condition plays better than the superstar in normal conditions. You can take this into account, or at least put them among the substitutes.

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