Some Important points in renting a car

Some Important points in renting a car


The rental price of the car is usually calculated according to the number of days you want to have it available to you, although many times the price per day decreases as rental days increase. In addition, another factor that can change the price is the type of rental car you choose. Check out this site The most expensive are the large and luxurious, but at that cost you can add many more to which you must pay attention. In this guide we will explain all the important points to take into account when renting a vehicle to help you make the perfect contract, without scares in the final bill. It is advisable to follow some tips to rent a car and thus avoid having problems or being a victim of abuse and misunderstandings. Renting a car during the holidays or on a business trip is becoming more common as a way of traveling. In summer period is when there is more supply and better prices can be obtained, but also when we have to be more careful   exotic car rental with what we hire.

 Before starting to compare prices it is convenient that you have more or less clear what type of vehicle you need , since the rental companies offer a great variety of body styles and prices: small cars, seven sweater vehicles, off-road vehicles, sports cars, vans.

Read the fine print of the contract and find out everything that is included or not in the rental price, so as not to take you scares: type of insurance, taxes, taxes, etc.

Avoid renting a car with third party insurance

Pay attention to the insurance that includes the rental car . Normally they are usually safe to third parties or full insurance with franchise, which means that in case of causing any damage to the vehicle itself you will have to take care of all or some part of the costs as stipulated. If you hire franchise insurance try not to exceed 300 euros and avoid renting a car only with third party insurance, because any metal plate or damage will have to pay out of pocket. If you have the possibility and do not want any problems, the most advisable option is full insurance without excess .

So that they do not deceive you and make you pay for a blow that you have not committed, it is essential that you carefully check the condition of the vehicle at the moment of delivery – both outside and inside – and report any damage that you observe, However small is. Check also the space of the trunk and if the radio works, the navigator … It is highly recommended to take photographs from different angles of the vehicle in the parking area of ​​the rental company, once delivered, since many times there is nobody from the company to check its status.

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