The good use of social networks in companies

The good use of social networks in companies


Social networks are an interesting springboard for any company that wants to win customers or retain customers, work its employer brand or reputation. Still, we need to know how to take advantage of these new opportunities and master the tools and methods to make social networks a major asset of its digital communication strategy.

Julien Gascó is responsible for digital communication at Elior Group . Last year, the company launched a major awareness campaign aimed at the general public and its employees.

“This educational program is part of our digital transformation and is aimed at all our employees, among whom we managed to detect our ambassadors. We have built a program whose ambition is to deepen their digital knowledge. For example, we accompany them on LinkedIn to help them manage their profile and build their network. At the same time, we make sure that all the communicators respect the good practices of community management: setting goals, building an editorial plan, devoting time and resources to it.

The time and the budget, it is often what is missing with the VSE / SME which is only 17% to be present on the social networks. ”  A shame when you know that their prospects, customers, suppliers are there  ” wonders Melissa Serfaty, co  founder of Artur’In . Artur is a smart community manager – in other words, a robot.

“Thanks to artificial intelligence technology, Artur creates and animates the RS pages of our customers, reads thousands of articles and classifies them by theme and then post them by finding the right sentence, the good hashtag and the good photo. Everything is automatic, “ says the co-founder.

This technology allows business leaders overwhelmed by lack of time and budget, to be active on Twitter, LinkedIn and Google my business. Melissa Serfaty advises companies to have an 80/20 strategy, that is to say to bring value-added advice content, fund articles on their sector of activity to 80% and to talk about themselves at 20%. %.Offer different points of contact through social networks

The management consulting firm Axys Consultants , is in the testing phase with several social media publishing market solutions, and uses the French platform of marketing automation, Webmecanik, leader of the French market, to take advantage of the best social networks. For Grégory Saccomani, Marketing Communications Manager at Axys Consultants, “social networks are one of the channels that allow us to generate the most leads on our website” . According to him, it is essential to offer different points of contact for his clients, partners, prospects and future employees because one of the main goals of the RS is theemployer brandand therefore recruitment. Blog posts, white papers, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Youtube, Viadeo, Pinterest, … Axys Consultants covers a wide field of digital communication, practicing test & learn. “We test different techniques and if it does not work, we change and we adapt.”

Pascal Bonneton, founder of Naelan , a company specializing in communication and document management solutions, was accompanied by a digital communication company last year to train in social selling, including LinkedIn. Today, it is the marketing manager of Naelan who orchestrates the company page. The implementation of the RS strategy requires the participation of all of the company’s sales engineers.

“We separate our customers and prospects according to their level of maturity and send them adapted content. We also relay external articles of partners, which can complement ours. Although it is difficult to measure the real impact of our social networking strategy, we know that it confirms our legitimacy in our market. ” 

The importance of the business blog 

At Xerox, blogs are an important part of the content strategy. Indeed, the company feeds 10 blogs – globally – that deal with a variety of topics covering different markets including those of SMEs, graphic arts and customer service. The content of the blog is then amplified on social media channels. Blogs and social networks are very connected because they feed each other.

“We publish a range of content that reflects our corporate brand, including blogs, videos, press releases, infographics, and user-generated content. Our content goal is not to focus on the brand’s legacy of hardware and products, but to highlight the ways Xerox helps customers grow in real and virtual realms, while advancing innovation, “ commented Falynne Finagan, social network manager, and Antoine Desnos, corporate communications manager at Xerox.

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